Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The New Pedagogy - Goals

At Amplify, the institution that I am associated with, the key word that management communicated was “Employability”.  This resonated with me in the current context, because in fact, in India, people look at education as a means to an end.   That end is a good job and perhaps career path that ensures a solid future.  Today, I think any institution in India has to make this the first goal of their pedagogy.  I understand that some may object to such an apparently pedestrian goal of education, but remember we are talking about professional education – in Management as well as the Technical field.

Another goal of any Pedagogy has to be to teach students to “Learn How to Learn”.  In today’s world learning no longer stops after college.  In fact, to succeed professionally, learning no longer stops. Period.  In many countries this has been institutionalized as Continuing Professional Education and has even been made compulsory.  For example, to keep your professional license as an attorney or doctor in the USA, you must complete a certain number of continuing education credits every year.  This continuous learning does not lend itself to the rote learning or even traditional lecture formats that are the mainstay of today’s educational system.  Instead, in today’s world information has to be chosen, collected, absorbed and analyzed before it can be used in one’s work.

Finally, a third goal is the communication of facts and skills.  This is the traditional part of any education and it’s role should not be minimized despite what I said above.  A foundation of the basic knowledge and skills required in any profession is an essential part of professional education.


  1. Continuous Learning, is no longer a Key to success...Its the key to Survival....
    Nice Article...!

  2. Anil, in my experience as a Professional Manager, what I found necessary for employment are:
    1.Knowledge and skills necessary for effectively carrying out the responsibility assigned to the employee.
    3.Result orientedness.
    4.Ability to cooperate with others and to get willing cooperation from others.
    5.Strong dose of humility - that it is possible that others may know more or be more capable than the self.
    6.Excellent oral and written communication, and
    7.Willingness to update knowledge and skills.

    The question that troubles me about modern education as I see it in India as well as in the UK and the USA, bar theoretical knowledge of the subject taught with a view to pass examinations, there is hardly any emphasis on the rest. Graduating students either learn to swim or sink in a highly competitive world.

  3. Anil i agree with your views,Amplify as institution can create the environment of 3 Cs (Communication with self,creativity,consciousness) learning and this only teacher can do,you may be teaching professional courses or any other courses.