Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rethinking Education

I watched this video of an interview with David Garvin of Harvard about Management Education and how it needs to be more connected to the workplace.  He even talks about modeling future programs after the Medical school model where you are taught the practical stuff in a hospital!  Here is the video of the interview:

Well, here is the interesting thing. I had articulated a similar idea about a year ago just a couple of months after joining Amplify. I called it PAISA - for "Program for Amplify Industry Synergy & Association". In PAISA, I had proposed that we put students into industry to work part-time while working on their degree or diploma. This would be supervised by faculty who would help students tackle the difficult aspects of problems encountered by the student at work. By doing this,
(a) the company would benefit by not having to hand-hold the student,
(b) the faculty would benefit by getting a connection with industry and of course (c) the student would benefit by getting the best of academia and industry simultaneously, so one could inform the other.

Hmmm, maybe Harvard needs to use my services. :-)

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